Paragliding In Kullu Manali

We conduct paragliding in following places in Kullu Manali:

  1. Kothi
  2. Gulaba
  3. Bijli Mahadev
  4. Manali 
  5. Kullu 
  6. Dobhi
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What To Expect

After you fill the form we will call you within 30 mins and ask details like tentative dates when you will be coming and number of persons etc.

Depending on number of persons and time of year we will give you quotes.

You can confirm your booking on phone without depositing any advance. You can make the payment after you complete paragliding.

When Can I Fly ?

We conduct paragliding throughout the year. You can make booking for any of the locations for any day that suits you.

Meet Up Information

We will provide you google maps location where you have to come for paragliding. After you meet the pilots at the location we will take you in our vehicle to the paragliding takeoff site. In case if you have any difficulty you can contact our office at Kullu city. 

Contact Details

  • 8827930158
  • 8827930158

Actions At Take Off Site

  • After you reach take off site. You will be given a small briefing on various safety measures, in case if you have any doubt you can clarify it during the briefing.
  • After the briefing, you will be made to wear harness. Our team will make sure that all safety measures are in place.
  • Once it is your turn, you and pilot will have to run for around 10 m before you finally get airborne.

Time In The Air

You will be in the air for around 20 to 25 mins depending on the weather conditions and location.


After you land at the landing site. We will drop you back from where we started.

Is This For You?

There are no prerequisites or prior experience required for trying out tandem paragliding. You can enjoy tandem paragliding which is two seater joy ride where an experienced pilot holding an International license and experience of more than 5,000 hours of flying does all the needful. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy the thrill and have fun.

You will be required to run briefly for around 10 meters when we are getting airborne and when we land. So if you think that you are fit enough to do that, you will have no problem enjoying your paragliding experience. 

The minimum safe weight is 25 kg and the maximum limit is 135 kg. This is determined by the certified weight ranges of the paragliding equipment we use.

In terms of height, there are no official restrictions, you just need to be able to comfortably fit in the harness. We’ve never had a case in which a person who is within the safe weight limit hasn’t been comfortable with the harness.

There are hardly any age limits if you fit, within the weight requirements and are in good shape. The oldest passenger we’ve had so far was nearly 90 years old! Kids as young as 10 can fly too, as long as it is clear that they want to.  

No, not at all. Fear of heights is very common but for most people, the anxiety vanishes, the moment we are airborne. There won’t be any jumping off the cliffs. And when you are sitting comfortably and gliding in the sky, the feeling is very much like that of looking through an airplane window. 

If you’re already reading this, it means that flying is something you want to do. Let us know beforehand if there is anything that worries you and we will ensure that your experience is enjoyable.


Check weather forecast and dress accordingly. As a thumb rule, layers of cloths are better than wearing just a couple of thick items. It might get cold when we are waiting for our turn at takeoff site and while in the air.

Footwear is also very important as you will need to run for a few meters during takeoff and landing. Hiking boots are a good solution, avoid sandals or any other shoes with slippery soles.

You can use your camera during flight to make video. But be careful we will not be responsible in case you drop your camera during flight.

Yes we can make your video by gopro during takeoff, flight and landing.

In case the weather on the day of paragliding is not suitable, you will be allocated a slot for the next day. We recommend you keep one day as buffer for such eventualities. 

Your safety is our number one priority. If our pilots feel that the weather is not perfectly safe, we will not be able to conduct paragliding on that day.

We have been conducting paragliding for many years. It is our experience that most of the time our paragliding services remain sold out because of heavy demand. If you book paragliding session then it is our obligation to accommodate you in the schedule.

But you can take the risk and try to book paragliding on the spot. But beware that you are taking a chance and may miss out on experiencing paragliding in your trip.

No, when you fly with us, you fly with a qualified tandem instructor who lifts up the wing, makes sure that the wing is flying perfectly and then take off from a gentle slope using the wind to lift up and glide effortlessly like a bird. 

You will be required to run for a few meters at takeoff and landing, but there will be no jumping or acrobatics involved.

Paragliding is not really a sport for speed. (Hang gliding or Speedflying is probably better for those folks.) So if you’re getting freaked out because you picture yourself hurtling off a cliff like Wile E. Coyote – don’t worry! That’s not what paragliding is about. 

Instead, picture yourself gracefully floating on the breeze, with fantastic view of beautiful mountains.

No, you will not fall if the wind stops because paragliders can be flown even when there is no wind at all. Relative wind over the wings acts against the gravity and is responsible for the flight. So, there is no risk of falling down since you will just glide down in any case.


Is It Dangerous?

Statistically, Paragliding is as safe as driving. Statistics even tend to show that Paragliding is much safer than other adventure activities like motorcycling and horse riding.

Para gliders built today are uniformly very stable. They are designed to recover quickly in the rare event of glider collapse. So as long as you are using good paragliding equipment which we check before every flight, there is little risk of an accident resulting from equipment malfunctions.

But still if you want to have a chat about any aspect of paragliding safety – feel free to contact us and we can talk you through every aspect of the sport we are passionate about!